Tower Bridge
Set: 10214   Year: 2010   Pieces: 4287
Tower Bridge
Tower Bridge (10214)

Motor vehicles, cyclists, pedestrians
Crosses: Thames
Locale: London
Maintained by:
Bridge House Estates

Bascule bridge, suspension bridge
Total length: 801 ft
Longest span: 200 ft
Clearance below:
28 ft (closed), 39 ft (open)

Road traffic / Day:
Vehicles and pedestrians

Construction started:
21st June 1886
Opened: 30th June 1894
Planner: Horace Jones
Tower Bridge is a combined bascule and suspension bridge in London, England, over the River Thames. It is close to the Tower of London, which gives it its name. It has become an iconic symbol of London. The bridge combines the city of London in the north with London Borough of Southwark in the south. On the northern banks of River Thames there're the tower of London and St Katherine Docks, and on the southern banks the City Hall.
Tower Bridge is one of five London bridges now owned and maintained by the Bridge House Estates, a charitable trust overseen by the City of London Corporation. It is the only one of the Trust's bridges not to connect the City of London to the Southwark bank, the northern landfall being in Tower Hamlets. The bridge was officially opened on 30 June 1894 by The Prince of Wales (the future King Edward VII), and his wife. Tower Bridge is sometimes mistakenly referred to as London Bridge, which is actually the next bridge upstream.
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